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At Squid Academy, we redefine the conventional classroom by introducing Esports in high schools. By focusing on various roles within the esports industry, we prepare students to create and engage in competitive school esports teams. Our accredited program delves into the competitive, operational, promotional, and financial dynamics of esports, ensuring a well-rounded education that has a ripple effect across multiple industries.

The Program

Growing Through Esports Education

Embark on an internationally recognised 4-Year esports journey with Squid Academy, developed by us and delivered in collaboration with your school’s educators. This program is our bridge to integrating Esports in high schools, paving the way for students to build and compete with their own school esports teams while gaining a wealth of knowledge and skills relevant in the digital era.

$ 1 Billion+

Esports Market Value in 2023

1 Million +

Esports Users by 2027

Industry Insights

Explore our blog section for a deep dive into how Esports in high schools is reshaping the educational landscape. From industry trends to the synergy between esports and academics, gain insights that relate to modern-day educational systems.

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Squid Academy's strategic partnerships ensure continued excellence in the esports education industry.

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The  Squid Academy Team

Meet the awesome people behind Squid Academy. Our management and expert coaches are here to change the way high schools see and learn esports.

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