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For Schools

Empower Your Students for Thriving Esports Careers with Squid Academy

At Squid Academy, we're redefining esports education specifically tailored for high schools and related educational institutions. Our hybrid learning platform is designed to equip high school students with the knowledge and skills required for non-playing careers within the dynamic esports industry. By intertwining in-person lectures, online courses, and experiential learning, we prepare your students for a prosperous future in esports. Partner with us, and you'll be providing your students with an extraordinary educational opportunity.



Why Choose Squid Academy for Your School?

  • Discover Squid Academy: Book a demo today and get a firsthand look at our innovative hybrid learning platform. See for yourself the advantages that Squid Academy can bring to your school and students. Discover how we help students develop the necessary skills for thriving careers in esports. Don't let this opportunity to future-proof your students' education pass you by – book a demo with Squid Academy now!

  • Comprehensive Curriculum and Personalized Learning: Our curriculum, carefully curated and taught by seasoned industry professionals, spans an array of courses including Esports Organisation Management, Shoutcasting, and Game Design. We're committed to expanding our course offerings and tailoring learning experiences to suit your students' unique passions and aspirations. Our hybrid learning model combines in-person lectures and online courses, ensuring a personalized and adaptable learning experience.

  • Preparing Students for Future Success: Squid Academy goes beyond traditional methods of career preparation. We offer assessments based on knowledge and skills, personalized career guidance, and internship placements to ensure our students are ready to hit the ground running post-graduation. Leveraging our extensive network within the esports industry, we provide students with priceless networking opportunities and hands-on experiences.

  • Supplemental and Enrichment Programs: Our programs make ideal supplements to your regular curriculum, offering unique enrichment opportunities during summer school or as after-school activities. Carefully crafted to blend educational content, hands-on activities, and interactive experiences, our programs foster a love for learning in a relaxed and supportive environment. They encourage students to expand their horizons, nurture their skills, and enrich their overall educational experience.


Introducing After-School and Summer School CCA Programs

We are delighted to offer our innovative esports programs as After-School and Summer School Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) designed specifically for high schools and related educational institutions. Seamlessly integrated into the schedule, our programs extend the learning journey beyond the traditional curriculum, providing immersive and enriching activities tailored to high school students.

Participating in esports CCAs allows high school students to explore their passion for gaming, develop strategic thinking abilities, enhance communication and teamwork skills, and delve into various non-player roles. Our engaging courses, curated with hands-on activities and interactive experiences, inspire students to discover new areas of interest while honing their skills.

Venn diagram overlapping in-person lectures and online courses

With our hybrid learning approach, combining in-person instruction and online resources, high school students benefit from a flexible and tailored learning experience that complements their academic studies. Beyond esports skills, our programs foster valuable life skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and adaptability. Students collaborate with like-minded peers, building lasting friendships within the supportive CCA community.

Join Squid Academy's After-School and Summer School CCA programs today to empower your high school students in esports while nurturing their holistic development.

Future-Ready Education for the Next Generation

With the esports industry growing exponentially, preparing students for a career in esports alongside their traditional education is crucial. By collaborating with Squid Academy, your school can equip students with an education that’s ready for tomorrow, setting them on the path to success in this rapidly evolving industry. Empower your students for thriving esports careers with Squid Academy and shape the future of education today.



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