For Parents

For Parents

Unlock Your Child's Potential with Squid Academy

Are you looking to help your child explore their passions and achieve their full potential? Squid Academy is here to support that journey. As a pioneering force in esports education, we offer the expertise and resources to pave the way for your child’s success in a range of non-playing esports careers. Partnering with us means providing your child with an exceptional opportunity to flourish in this exciting industry.

For Parents

Learn Beyond School: Our After-School and Summer Programs

We at Squid Academy believe in enriching education beyond the confines of traditional learning. Our specially designed after-school and summer programs provide engaging experiences that spark curiosity, nurture personal growth, and ignite a lifelong love for learning. Your child’s academic life gets an exciting boost with our programs, presenting an opportunity to explore new interests or delve deeper into existing ones.


Understanding Esports: Our Parents' Course

As a parent, having questions and apprehensions about your child's future in esports is natural. To put your concerns at ease, we've developed an all-encompassing course just for parents. This comprehensive guide demystifies esports, showcases its myriad career avenues, and underlines how Squid Academy can be an essential part of your child's career journey in esports.



Exploring Esports: Our Organisation Management Program

Our Esports Organisation Management program is the first among many comprehensive, career-centric courses in the pipeline. This unique 21-class hybrid program, segmented into four thematic clusters, combines career-focused classes, wellness training, video gameplay, and quizzes. The program includes:

  • Industry Insights: Equip your child with an in-depth understanding of the esports industry, potential career opportunities, and strategies for securing sponsorships.
  • Wellness and Self-Care: Emphasize the importance of maintaining physical and mental health while pursuing esports goals.
  • Branding & Promotion: Guide your child on building a strong brand identity, expanding their network, and scaling their organization through efficient marketing strategies.
  • Management Skills: Provide your child with crucial insights into financial planning, leadership, communication, project planning, and legal and tax implications.


Stay tuned for more such comprehensive programs, carefully crafted to nurture your child’s esports education, helping them carve their niche in this fast-growing industry.


Why Choose Squid Academy for Your Child?

  • Industry Experts-Driven Curriculum: Our instructors come with years of real-world esports experience, ensuring that your child learns from those deeply immersed in the industry. This allows us to deliver an authentic, up-to-date curriculum that gives your child a competitive edge.

  • Hybrid Learning Approach: This unique format gives your child the chance to enjoy the best of both worlds: the personal connection of in-person instruction, and the convenience and flexibility of online learning. It’s a tailored educational experience that adapts to your child’s learning style and pace.

  • Comprehensive Career Preparation: Beyond knowledge and skill acquisition, we take the extra step to help your child strategize their career path. We facilitate internships, provide valuable assessments, and offer individualized career advice that aligns with their ambitions, guiding them towards a rewarding career in esports.

  • Future-Proof Education: By choosing Squid Academy, you’re preparing your child for an industry that’s projected to grow exponentially in the coming years. We ensure they’re equipped with the skills and knowledge to navigate and succeed in this promising and dynamic field.


Parents: Fostering Bright Esports Futures

You hold the power to shape your child's future. By promoting a partnership between your child's school and Squid Academy, you unlock a world of growth opportunities within the esports industry. Foster your child's passion for esports with us, and witness them transform into accomplished professionals in their chosen field. Squid Academy equips your child with transferable skills, preparing them for a future as diverse and dynamic as they are.


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