Esports Program for High Schools

The Program

Dive into the Esports Realm with Squid Academy

Squid Academy’s esports program is an immersive and comprehensive curriculum designed for high school students, offering a deep dive into the competitive and operational aspects of the esports industry. Combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on experiences, the program spans various roles from players to social media managers, promoting a well-rounded understanding of the esports world. Emphasizing skill development in strategic gameplay, team coordination, event management, and digital marketing, it progressively builds each year, culminating in structured intra- and inter-school tournaments. This practical approach not only solidifies the learned concepts but also hones critical life skills such as teamwork and strategic thinking. Adaptable to the ever-changing gaming landscape and the evolving interests of students, the program ensures a relevant, engaging, and comprehensive esports education, preparing students for advanced studies and potential careers in this dynamic field.


Esports Education & Squid Academy

Esports, or competitive video gaming, is more than just a modern recreational activity. It’s a rapidly growing industry with a global market revenue forecasted to grow to as much as $1.87 billion by 2025, with a global audience expected to exceed 318 million by 2025. The fusion of esports and education opens up a myriad of opportunities for students, enhancing not only their gaming skills but also critical life skills like teamwork, strategic thinking, and time management

Incorporating Squid Academy’s program into your high school curriculum does not just introduce students to the vibrant world of esports but equips them with practical knowledge and skills that are crucial in today’s tech-driven world.

Our comprehensive program is crafted to provide a balanced blend of theoretical and practical esports knowledge, fostering an environment where students can thrive both academically and professionally.

The Opportunity

For Your High School

  • Reputation Boost

    Showcase modern education aligned with industry trends in a growing esports market.

  • Enrollment Attraction

    Capitalize on the esports boom to attract students interested in a thriving $242.39 billion gaming industry.

  • Faculty Advancement

    Facilitate tech proficiency and modern teaching methodologies amid a digitally evolving educational landscape.

For Your Students & Parents

  • Future Security

    Provide access to a sector with projected revenue growth from $1.38 billion to $1.87 billion.

  • Tech Readiness

    Equip children with digital skills crucial for success in a technology-centric future.

  • Holistic Growth

    Fosters essential cognitive and interpersonal skills, preparing children for real-world challenges.

  • Industry Recognition

    Gain certifications that open doors in a sport that has gained world recognition.

  • Engagement and Skill Development

    Address the motivational gap faced by out-of-school or unemployed youth by offering engaging, hands-on learning experiences.

The Implementation

Seamless 3-Step Implementation

Kickstart your high-school's esports voyage with an easy 3-step deployment.

  • Teacher Training (8 Hours): The program commences with our team training your teacher/s.
  • The Program (3 Months): Your students begin exploring the esports curriculum via our LMS, guided by your teacher/s.
  • The Event (1 Day): Celebrate the year's end with a spirited tournament hosted by Squid Academy, honouring top performers with certificates and awards.
The Milestones

Yearly Learning Milestones

Our esports program for high schools is a 4-year program, wherein each year aims to progressively elevate your students' learning experience.

  • Year 1: The journey begins with a focus on Rocket League, aiming to build a foundational understanding and move towards competitive readiness. Students will participate in e-courses, hands-on classes, and scrimmages, culminating in an intra-school tournament.

  • Year 2: This year emphasises dual role proficiency in gameplay and secondary roles such as coaching or social media management, leading to an inter-school tournament experience.

  • Years 3 & 4: These years are designed to be adaptive, based on the outcomes and feedback from the first two years. While specifics will be decided, students can expect to delve into advanced roles and specialisations, gain practical experience in organising and competing in esports events, and explore real-world internship opportunities.

Pathways & Roles

Discovering Esports Pathways and Roles

Squid Academy offers a comprehensive pathway into the world of esports, progressively introducing students to various roles and aspects of the industry. The program caters to a wide range of interests, from competitive gaming to operational, promotional, and financial roles within esports. Students will explore and master different roles, including players, team managers, event coordinators, social media managers, and more, fostering a deep understanding of the esports ecosystem.

The Accreditation

EAF Accredited

At Squid Academy, we blend theoretical knowledge with practical experiences in esports education, a method accredited by Education Alliance Finland with a 92% score in pedagogy and 4.2 out of 5 in learning engagement.

The Coaches

Expert Guidance

Our seasoned coaches with a rich esports history are here to nurture and guide students through each stage, providing unparalleled mentorship and expertise.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Esports Education

Step into the esports world with Squid Academy and shape your school’s esports narrative, preparing students for a thriving, tech-driven future.


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