About Squid Academy


Esports Education: Building Future Leaders

Squid Academy dives into the thrilling world of esports, bringing a unique education model to high schools. Unlike traditional subjects, we focus on the diverse roles within the esports industry, preparing students to create and compete with their own school teams. Our internationally accredited program for high schools is a journey into competitive, operational, promotional, and financial aspects of esports, ensuring the knowledge gained opens doors in various industries.

The vision

Growing Through Esports Education

We envision a realm where esports propels students towards not only academic triumphs but a vibrant, tech-driven future. Through our custom programs, we unveil a treasure trove of possibilities in the esports arena, aiding students in honing skills that are valuable both in and beyond the gaming world.

The Mission

Developing Broad Esports Knowledge

Our mission is to provide a structured, accredited education pathway that merges seamlessly with the high school environment. The esports program for high schools is our vessel to equip students with a blend of practical and theoretical knowledge that transcends the esports domain.

The Coaches

The Pillars of Squid Academy

Our management team, each a maestro in their respective field, forms the backbone of Squid Academy, driving the vision of transforming esports education.

The Accreditation

Mark Of Esports Educational Quality

We’ve earned the nod from Education Alliance Finland (EAF), a testament to our high-quality educational standards. This accolade reinforces the trust and confidence that high schools, parents, and the educational community can invest in our program, which has shone with a 92% score in pedagogy and 4.2 out of 5 in learning engagement.

Learning System

Our Creative Esports Program

Our esports curriculum is a voyage of discovery, evolving each year to elevate students' learning experiences. From mastering the basics to achieving professional readiness, every year is a step towards mastery and a multitude of career opportunities in the esports and other industries.

The Why

Why Pick Squid Academy?

The esports industry's dynamic nature is a gateway to modern, future-centric education. By adopting Squid Academy’s program, high schools are investing in an educational model that resonates with students' aspirations and prepares them for a tech-centric future. Squid Academy isn't just an entry into the esports world; it's a launchpad for innovative education, ensuring each student is prepped and primed for the digital horizon. Join us, and let's collaboratively nurture the next wave of esports professionals.


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